What is the Role of an Assisted Living Caregiver?

What is the Role of an Assisted Living Caregiver?

Working in an assisted living or senior care facility can be a hard but rewarding career choice. It is an occupation that allows you to not only be an important part of a senior citizen’s life, but also ensure they receive the highest level of care, respect and dignity.

Being a caregiver at Autumn Pointe gives you the opportunity to have a direct impact on our residents while helping them to maintain their quality of life. Some of the jobs that a caregiver or aide will undertake might include:

  • Working with Autumn Pointe residents who have mobility restrictions.
  • Helping residents get out of bed, bathed, get dressed and work through other daily hygiene routines.
  • Administering general health services including taking vital signs, temperature and other related statistics.
  • Administration of patient medications.
  • Helping residents keep their living spaces clean and organized by assisting with basic housekeeping and maintenance services.
  • Communicating with family members regarding the nutritional habits of the resident.
  • Communicating with family members regarding how well the resident is able to administer their own basic hygiene routine. 
  • Helping residents with braces and any prosthetic devices.
  • Assisting residents with laundering clothes and other items.
  • Helping residents with transportation to doctor appointments.

The role of nursing aids and caregivers at Autumn Pointe is paramount to maintaining the highest level of care for all of our residents. In addition to care, they are on the frontlines in helping patients adapt to living in our facility. Caregivers maintain daily contact with residents and provide family members, medical staff and administrators a record of any changes in health conditions or issues related to their care.

At Autumn Pointe, we value the contributions our caregivers make to our resident’s lives. It is their hard work and dedication that gives both residents and their family peace-of-mind in knowing they will receive the highest level of care. Next time you stop in, say thank-you to the caregiver helping your loved one.