Welcome to our Dining Room!

Welcome to our Dining Room!

Mealtime is often a favorite activity for our residents not only to enjoy our delicious meals; but also to engage socially as we serve our meals family-style.  At Autumn Pointe, you will enjoy three home cooked meals a day.

Some fun facts about our Dining Service Includes:

Our Menus’ are prepared by a nutritionist based upon a Regular Diet.

A Regular Diet is designed for the general elderly population who require no dietary modifications.

No Added Salt: By not adding any extra salt and sticking with the daily allotted guidelines assists our residents to prevent edema and or hypertension.

Limited Concentrated Sweets:  We also utilize the LMS diet when a moderate calorie restriction is desirable for weight management and/or blood glucose control.

Our Meal times are the following: Breakfast: 7:30am-9am, Lunch: 12:00om-1:00pm, and Supper: 5:00pm-6:00pm.

If you are feeling a little thirsty or need a snack in between meals come visit our Coffee Shop that is open 24/7. Our Coffee Shop offers ice tea, coffee, ice cream, snacks and fresh fruit.

We have a private family dining room for special occasions.

Guest meals are available at a low cost for family or friends who wish to enjoy a meal with their loved ones.

Our Dietary Coordinator Maurice Cannon, enjoys creating well-balanced, healthy, and tasty meals for our residents. Maurice takes care listening to the Residents wants, needs, and food recipe suggestions during our monthly Food Council Meetings.  We encourage you to stop by and join us for one of our meals!