Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

When it comes to volunteering, seniors play a big part in interacting with the community. Each year, millions of seniors donate their time to various committees and organizations. Not only are seniors great at volunteering their time, but it can also be beneficial to their health. Below are some volunteer ideas if you know a senior who wants to donate their time.

Senior Volunteering

Among seniors who volunteer, most, “showed lower mortality and depression rates, fewer physical limitations, and higher levels of well-being compared to others in their age group.” In fact, the National Institute on Aging actually found that seniors who participate in meaningful and productive activities may lower the risk of certain health issues.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for seniors to interact with kids, get outside and enjoy nature, or help organize donations. Volunteering at a local elementary school and reading to kids or helping out in the library is one way to get involved, or you could check out your local community center to see what opportunities are coming up. Many opportunities pop up during the holidays, so if you’d like to get involved make sure to pay close attention during the holidays. Here are some opportunities in Fort Calhoun:

  • Girl Scouts: contact Prairie Hills Girl Scout Council at 402-564-8822 or Amy Vermaline at 402-642-5037
  • Boy Scouts: contact Mid America Council at 402-431-9272. Ed Lathrup is your Local Cub Scout Leader, and Clint Johnson is your Local Boy Scout Leader
  • Washington County Youth 4-H Program: contact 402-426-9455
  • FCYSO (Fort Calhoun Youth Sports Organization): Contact Lance Steinhausen at fcyso22@gmail.com
  • Goodwill Retail & Donation Center: contact 402-533-8000 for openings in their volunteer schedule
  • Joseph’s Coat Thrift Store: contact 402-426-0440 for more volunteer information
  • Washington County Food Pantry: contact 402-426-0440 for more information about volunteer opportunities at the food pantry
  • Washington County Historical Society: if you’d like to learn more about the history of Washington County, and teach others about it as well, contact 402-468-5740 for more volunteer information
  • Older VolunteersChristmas in Calhoun Committee: contact the co-chairs Bob Prieksat at 402-669-5859 or Nick Schuler at 402-468-4613

Remember, there are many volunteer opportunities in Washington County, and if you like to see more, please visit the Fort Calhoun website. If you think your loved one would like to spend time out in the community, Autumn Pointe Assisted Living would love to work with you to find the best fit for them. Contact us at (402) 468-4700 to set up an appointment today.