Tips for Celebrating the Holidays with Aging Parents

Senior Holidays

There are plenty of things to celebrate during the months of November and December: the fall season is in full swing and the autumn colors are especially breathtaking as the month of November arrives, and pretty soon, the ground will be covered with pristine snow as we enter December. But without a doubt, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays surely make this the most wonderful time of the year.

Every family has their special way of commemorating the holiday visits. We’d have to imagine that this time of year is filled with plenty of gatherings with family and friends. It’s a joyful time of year, and a true pleasure to spend this magical time with those that mean the most to you. But when it comes to having your loved one, who lives in a senior living facility, attend these gatherings, it’s easy to see that traditions and routines might not be what they always were.

This holiday season, here are a few things to remember when your aging parents visit your home or spend the night to guarantee a joyful and relaxing celebration:

Know What to Expect
When it comes to celebrating the holidays with your beloved seniors, it’s best to not only expect the unexpected but to be as mentally prepared as possible. Think about your loved one’s comfort and stamina and be prepared to modify some family traditions in order to reset pre-defined expectations.


Don’t Over-schedule
Try to plan enough time to visit without filling the occasion with endless appointments and tasks. Schedule a couple extra days or make plans for another short visit soon after. Shorter, more frequent visits may be better if feasible, while long visits can be tiring and emotionally draining on all sides.

Observe and Listen
Having time during the holidays with your loved one, who normally resides in senior care, is the perfect opportunity to get a sense of how they are doing. Listen carefully for any memory lapses or missed words during parties and gatherings. It’s also important to take a close look at how they interact in your home environment, how they pay attention to their personal appearance, and how their habits have either changed or remained the same.

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