How to Make a Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

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What is it that makes a house a home? Many would argue that it’s the memories that you create in a space that transform an ordinary house into something you cherish forever. We at Autumn Pointe Senior Living are certainly not going to disagree with that beautiful and true sentiment! But there’s no denying that it’s the things you fill a house with that can make a space feel instantaneously stylish and comfortable. A home is a place where you can relax and enjoy yourself and the company of others. It’s a place where your unique personality and taste can instantly be defined based on the things you choose to surround yourself with.

One of the things that people struggle with when it comes to moving into a senior living community is how to make their apartment feel like the home they occupied and loved for so long. For many families, incorporating key elements from the house into the apartment is a simple and effective transition that can transform their new space into a familiar and beloved one.

Here are a few ways to decorate your loved one’s apartment to make it feel like home.

Bring What’s Important

According to an exceptional blog on senior living, “A Place for Mom”, make sure you bring their favorite belongings, but remember the space is most likely a lot smaller than the family homes they are moving from. It’s easy to simultaneously recreate the look and ambiance of their current home’s decor while avoiding excess clutter in their new living space.  

Think of How to Make it Cozy

According to Apartment Therapy, color selection and keeping lighting a priority will have a big impact on your loved one’s satisfaction with their new apartment. We at Autumn Pointe completely agree with this statement. Cooler colors make spaces feel larger and airier. Warm colors do the opposite – they tend to make spaces feel smaller and cozier, so think about what your relative would prefer for their space. In terms of lighting, remember to have multiple light sources in key rooms like a living room to create the appropriate level of ambiance.  

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Consider Living Space

“A Place for Mom” also wisely emphasizes that you need to always be fully aware of your loved one’s new space. For example, maybe that old, clunky couch that has been in their living room for years needs to be replaced with a compact loveseat.  Remember that simple decor rather than crowded decor will make a living space, even a small one, appear larger. This also comes in the form of making safety a priority. Make sure walkways are clear for walkers, canes or wheelchairs, by accounting for possible tripping hazards.

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