Importance of Volunteers

Many people are not aware that April is National Volunteer Month in America. And

sadly, because volunteering is unpaid, many people miss out on the amazing

benefits that come from it. Volunteers allow organizations to achieve their goals,

execute their purpose and make a difference. While volunteering benefits the

community, it also benefits you! Perhaps one of the most rewarding ways you can

volunteer is at a nursing home, retirement home, or assisted living facility. There

are a number of ways you can volunteer at one of these places and the rewards are

virtually endless!

Take a look at the importance of volunteers in senior living facilities:

Encouraging Social Interaction – When you volunteer at an assisted living home,

you will make new friends and that’s a fact! They may be older than you, but you’ll

be entranced by the stories they have to tell. Engaging with elderly people in

assisted living homes is a great way to brighten their outlook on life! By helping

make nursing homes more fun for the residents, you are providing an invaluable

service to your community.

Important Resources
– Volunteers come from all walks of life and can bring a

range of resources to an organization. Not only are they volunteering their time and

energy, but they are also volunteering their abilities. Volunteers can bring new

ideas to a nursing home, fresh perspectives, refreshed energy and even specialized

skills. For example, spiritual volunteers can help residents cope with the aging

process through religious activities and resources.

A Helping Hand
– Without the help of volunteers, many senior care facilities would

be unable to fulfill daily activities and tasks. While they are not expected to

undertake difficult responsibilities, volunteers help in recreational activities and

social visits that are vital to a higher quality of life for residents. This includes

everything from meal assistance, shopping or transportation to daily interactions

with residents.

At Autumn Pointe Assisted Living, we currently have over 50 volunteers within the

community that assist in many different aspects of care. Our volunteers offer a wide

range of services including religious activities from spiritual volunteers, pet therapy,

entertainment from children in the community, and activities with the Fort Calhoun

School System. Many of our volunteers are current and former employees who have

built special bonds with our residents and enjoy helping out.

If you are interested in volunteering at Autumn Pointe Assisted Living, please give

us a call at (402) 468-4700.