The Importance of Community for Elderly Parents

Elderly friends community Autumn Pointe

When looking for the right nursing home, you may be drawn to comfortable couches and fancy kitchens, but what’s even more crucial, and often under looked, is the community. Elderly community centers are equally as important to their way of life, as the atmosphere is. Get your loved one involved with their community and read below on how this could benefit you or your loved one.

The Importance of Community for Older Adults

  • Sense of Community: A community atmosphere can help build new relationships and strengthen existing ones, as well as strengthening old ones. By joining clubs, groups, and volunteering, your loved will have more meaningful relationships that will improve their way of life.
  • Confidence Building: More friends and meaningful relationships can build confidence, along with willingness to try new things. They will get to meet people who are engaged in the same interests they are. With all of these sudden life changes, it’s crucial your loved one knows how special and loved they are. Confidence increases motivation, positive reinforcement, and quality of life.
  • Mental Stimulation: Community activities also promote mental stimulation by providing learning activities, like art or book clubs. These everyday social interactions can reduce mental decline, decrease the risk of dementia, and even depression.

At Autumn Pointe Assisted Living, we pride ourselves on having a close-knit, family atmosphere and encourage our residents to partake in activities that make them happy and fulfilled. Many of our staff and residents were raised in the area and have lived here for many years. Autumn Pointe is an extension of the home life our residents are used to, allowing them to stay in the same small community among the friends and family they’re familiar with. We strongly believe that each resident should be treated with dignity and respect so they are able to maintain their expected lifestyle. The personalized care and security we provide will give you and your family peace of mind. To learn more about Autumn Pointe Assisted Living, please visit our website or give us a call at 402-468-4700.