How to Keep Aging Parents Active

Active Seniors

No one can deny that watching a loved one deteriorate, especially a parent, is a painful process. It is never easy to see someone you love so much, that has cared for you your entire life, suffer in any way. When they can’t walk across the living room as energetically as they once used to, or when their memory isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be, it’s easy to become saddened and discouraged. Although there is beauty in aging, it also often comes with unfortunate side effects, especially for families and friends.

While it seems like a hopeless situation, there are plenty of things that you can currently be doing with your loved one to ensure that their physical and mental well-being and happiness remain intact for as long as possible. Here are a few of our favorite ways to keep your aging parents active:

Spend Time in the Kitchen

Focus on new recipes, techniques or ingredients by spending time in the kitchen together preparing a meal for you both to enjoy! Or, if you come from a family of cooks or bakers, consider dusting off old favorites — nostalgia and togetherness can be a powerful medicine.

Get Some Exercise

Don’t let the frigid winter weather stop you from finding ways to be physically active with your parent. Consider daily walks, chair exercise DVDs or, even, Wii video games, which offer low-impact fitness and sports games. Choose the exercise option that is best for your parent’s current state of mobility.

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Indulge in Favorite Pastimes

Wherever you live, there are likely plenty of performances, concerts and festivals happening every week or month, many of which will appeal to you and your loved one. Not only are these fun to attend, but scheduling them creates something fun for you both to look forward to.

Create a Garden

Look forward to the spring season ahead by making plans for a garden. Whether it’s at home or as part of a community garden, this activity will give you both something to come back to again and again. Even if your loved one has restricted mobility, he or she can still come out and enjoy watching the garden grow.

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Join a Book Club

While it’s always fun to relax with a movie, it’s even better to dive into a good book; especially if you both are reading the same book at the same time! A book club gives you and your loved one something to enjoy together while, at the same time, adding a great solo activity Check libraries or online message boards for book clubs and, if you can’t find one, consider starting your own.

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