Four Surprising Facts About Assisted Living

Looking for an assisted living facility that is right for you or your loved one takes time and care. Not only is it important to start the search early, but it is it is crucial to do your homework to ensure that the place you choose fits your specific needs. Here are four things you should know as you begin your search.

All facilities are not the same – Although each state has specific regulations that facilities must follow, there is no standardized definition of assisted living care. There is often differing levels of service, with price structures that justifies the services provided. Some communities offer lighter levels of care, while others have a full nursing staff available if needed. Each level typically requires more specific licensing requirements. 

They are not nursing homes – Many people mistakenly believe that their loved ones require nursing home care when an assisting living setting might be the perfect level of care. Some important differentiators between the two include:

  • Independence – Assisted living residents are largely self-reliant but may require some assistance with daily living personal care tasks.
  • Mobility – Individuals who live in assisted living are not bedridden and have a higher degree of mobility.
  • Private rooms – While nursing home residents often have semi-private rooms, assisted living quarters generally include studio or one-bedroom options.
  • Less care needed – Individuals who live in assisted living do not require ongoing medical attention.

Unique community – Every assisted living community has its own unique personality. Most are lively and provide plenty of activities to keep residents occupied, while also offering privacy. Many facilities will even allow residents to have a small pet if they desire and they can use their own furniture to create a comfortable, homey setting.

Not as costly as you think – Because assisted living facilities offer such a wide variety of activities and amenities, many people think they are far too costly. This is often not the case, with most facilities offering a wide variety of packages and payment options. Additionally, many take some forms of insurance or benefits to help cover the cost.

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