Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Care

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Care
Deciding on the best living arrangements as you or your parents age can be a difficult process. There are many things to consider as you begin your plans. Levels of care can differ from facility to facility and also fluctuate depending upon if you are looking at a nursing home setting or an assisted living location. Here are a few things to consider about each option.
Assisted Living:
·      Determine care level – An assisted living facility gives residents and their families the ability to determine the amount of care the resident will receive, which allows them to maintain their independence. Help is there if needed, but independence is also an option. 
·      No maintenance – Caring for a home is difficult as you age. Assisted living gives the resident a home-like setting without needing to take care of household upkeep. 
·      24-hour help – If a resident does have an emergency situation, an assisted living facility has staff available to provide this care. 
·      Activities – Assisted living facilities typically offer a host of events and activities that help residents stay involved.  Many of these activities are right on site, while off-site excursions are also an option for those who wish to venture out. 
·      Government benefits – Most assisted care facilities accept some type of government aid making them accessible to residents of all income levels.
Nursing Home Care:
·      Full-Time Care – This can offer peace of mind-if a patient requires more individualized care, but can also be overwhelming for residents who do not need this level of attention. 
·      Expensive – Because nursing homes offer one-on-one care, they can be quite costly for residents. 
·      Less Choice – Nursing home facilities have very structured schedules, which can limit the independence of residents who are still able to care for themselves. 
·      Less Freedom – While assisted living facilities allow patients to create their own schedules, nursing homes can feel like a loss of freedom as residents adjust to a more regimented pre-planned lifestyle. 
At Autumn Pointe we have the distinct privilege of creating a space for residents in which they feel both independent and cared for. Our facilities provide the privacy an active senior requires while offering on-site 24-hour care if needed. This gives adult children much needed peace-of-mind in this next step in their parent’s journey.  We offer a full range of amenities and a variety of floor plans.  Contact us today to schedule a tour of our facilities.