70’s in your 70’s – Summer Activities for Seniors

Staying active is an important factor in a person’s overall health. More energy, better sleep, improved mood—avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can be directly attributed to a healthier body and mind. But with age comes restrictions on what activities are possible or even safe. That doesn’t mean that seniors are excluded from being active, but neither are they expected to sign up for a local 5K run. Here are a few examples of summer activities for seniors that are engaging without overexerting themselves.


Planting and maintaining a garden is a great way to keep seniors engaged without being too strenuous. Having a project helps keep them on a daily schedule, offers some light lifting and movement, while being outdoors with the sunshine and fresh air. They can start small with a few potted plants or even join a community garden or garden club to stay social and meet new people. Remember sunscreen, sunhats, and staying hydrated so as to not overheat.

Elderly activities


Like gardening, finding a walking route is an excellent way to get seniors moving and staying healthy. Having a schedule and exploring the surrounding area will mean taking in the scenery, and senior walking groups means staying social in the process. The same tips about sun and heat apply, and finding a route that doesn’t include steep inclines help remove any unwanted exertion.

Elderly activities

Crafts & Hobbies

Though it may not sound very active, finding a hobby or crafting groups are encourage senior engagement. Whether finding a new craft at a local community center, or finding senior groups for fishing or cards, having that scheduled event gives seniors something to look forward to, and opportunities to socialize. A reliable mode of transportation should be factored into this.

Autumn Pointe is located on a quiet country setting. Our picturesque surroundings encourage residents to get outdoors and take advantage of our walking path, or sit on the porch and enjoy the view with some fresh air. With common areas, daily programs, and activities open to everyone, Autumn Pointe encourages residents to stay active and be healthy. Call us today if you’d like a tour at 402-468-4700 or visit our website at www.autumnpointe.com for more information.