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Jerry Brooks

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Jerry Brooks

“Enjoys Visiting”

After his father passed away, Jerry Brooks decided to move his mother Marjorie in with him and his wife Sherry. Marjorie began attending adult day care one day each week at Autumn Pointe. Jerry said that the day she spent weekly at Autumn Pointe was great for her because she was able to be around people her own age with similar values and interests as her own.

After suffering a fall at home, Marjorie needed more assistance and it was pretty natural for the Brooks to choose Autumn Pointe. Because of Marjorie’s previous experiences at Autumn Pointe, as well as the fact that Sherry had worked in the kitchen there for the previous owners, they had plenty of first-hand knowledge of the excellent care Marjorie would receive full-time.

Jerry says his mother loves it at Autumn Pointe and particularly loves having her own apartment where she displays pictures of her children and grandchildren everywhere. Jerry and Sherry appreciate the convenience of being so close to Marjorie, and enjoy frequent visits to Autumn Pointe.

Jerry says the residents at Autumn Pointe really take the time to get to know family members who come to visit and he sometimes spends as much time chatting with other residents while he’s there as he does visiting with his mother. Sherry not only goes to visit Marjorie, but also volunteers at Autumn Pointe to visit with other residents and help decorate for special occasions.

As far as Marjorie’s favorite activities, the weekly wine and cheese event ranks right up there. Once a week residents get together and prepare cheese plates and wine tastings, then relax and get to know each other better as they enjoy their snack. The camaraderie with the daily exercise classes is also something Marjorie looks forward to.

Jerry says Marjorie likes to share recipes she’s learned at Autumn Pointe when she gets together with other residents to prepare cookies and other baked goods. They also share these treats with children from a local daycare who like to visit.

And the care Marjorie receives is top-notch. Jerry says the aides are always updating him when he visits, helping him keep track of anything Marjorie could need from outside, and helping out with anything they possibly can.

“You know mom is being taken care of because she’s always got a smile on her face,” Jerry says.

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